Chevrolet Camaro ZL1/Z-28/SS Coupe (1967-1969)

This '68 Camaro is still the dream vehicle of many classic muscle car enthusiasts.

Photo courtesy of CarGurus.com

In 1967, the favored version of the Camaro was the Z-28, although options packages were pretty varied. With a 4.9-liter and a four-speed manual gearbox, the car was made for racing; its brakes were in the front, which made handling tricky for the newcomer but precise for more practiced drivers. The base package, which raced a quarter-mile in 14.8 seconds, included a small-block V-8 with 290 horses, Muncie four-on-the-floor transmission, positraction and power steering. The Z-28 was built for road racing, and it's still beloved for both handling and its well-known design.

The 1969 ZL1 is one of the rarest of muscle cars, and one of the most powerful and best remembered. With 500 horses in an aluminum V-8 engine and a top speed of 125 miles (201 kilometers) per hour, the ZL1 could hit 60 in about 5.3 seconds and run the quarter-mile in 13.16. Of only 69 models made, most of them found their way into drag-racing, and this powerful package option wasn't offered again. What could get you $18,000 in 2001 has since leapt to $91,000 among the highest-rolling collectors [source: CNNMoney.com].