10 Most Sought-after Classic Muscle Cars

When the Plymouth Road Runner was first introduced in 1968, it had a base sticker price of only $3,000. Of course, this 1969 model likely had some added "muscle." See more pictures of classic muscle cars.
Photo courtesy of CarGurus.com

Restoring, showing and enjoying classic cars has always been an American obsession. The sleek lines, powerful engines and machine strength of muscle cars, in particular, have attracted us since the late 1960s, when performance and design filtered down from the luxury model and into the realm of the attainable. Since then, those early designs -- and all their later developments, refinements and modifications -- have captivated our imaginations.

Today, the combination of rarity and nostalgia has made some of those old beauties harder to come by, which only increases the fervor and passion with which true classic enthusiasts pursue the hobby and lifestyle of muscle car collection. In this list, we'll look a bit more closely at 10 of the most popular models, tracing their histories and connections, and discover exactly why these particular cars are still so beloved.