10 Most Sought-after Classic Muscle Cars


Plymouth Road Runner (1968-1970)

Plymouth knew the muscle car phenomenon wasn't going anywhere when it introduced this classic in 1968. In fact, it was one of the first companies to truly court the youth vote, as it were, with a shockingly low sticker price ($3,000 base) and a cartoon tie-in -- complete with the WB character's signature "beep-beep" horn.

Of course, that sticker price was only a starter. The operative word in muscle car has always been "muscle," and over the years of the Road Runner's popularity, the power options increased even as its no-frills design stayed fairly static. You could nearly double the price with some of those modification packages, such as the "six-pack" that increased the standard 383 horsepower to 390, or a 426 Hemi. At the top of the option selections, you could run a quarter-mile in 13.5 seconds and top out at more than 140 miles per hour.

In 1969 alone, more than 80,000 units sold. The hardtop version, without a central post, remains a favorite among collectors. But for every lovingly detailed, tenderly protected Road Runner still kept under lock and key, now -- 40 years later -- there are many that were driven exactly as intended: straight into the ground. The gold standard for collectors today is the 1969 ragtop version: There were only about 2,200 ever produced.