10 Most Sought-after Classic Muscle Cars


Dodge Charger R/T 440 (1968-1969)

Recognizable to even the greenest amateur, this hardtop has the distinction of being one of the most visually striking and memorable cars on the list. "The Dukes of Hazzard" may have made the Charger famous, but in one of the most beloved chase scenes of all time, in the 1968 muscle-car classic "Bullitt," Steve McQueen's nemesis drove a black Charger into Hollywood history.

More recently "The Fast and the Furious" franchise has introduced the world once again to the beloved Charger. Something about those lines, and the power under the hood, seems to embody not only the muscle car phenomenon, but also a particular element of danger, rebellion and bad-boy power unmatched by any other vehicle.

This hardcore piece of Hollywood history would have set you back $39,000 in 2001, but demand and scarcity combined mean that now, just 10 years later, you're looking at closer to $170,000 for a mint machine. Not bad for a car that launched 37,000 cars in its first year with a base price of just $3,500 [source: CNNMoney.com].

Its classic "Coke-bottle" styling, distinctive front grill and hidden headlights all suggest swagger and power, while the R/T designation was Dodge's way of explaining that the car was equally suited for street performance or drag racing. The heavy-duty suspension lent itself to excellent handling, making those tricks even more exciting to pull off, but it was the look that inspired drivers then and collectors now.