1965 and 1966 Dodge Dart GT 273

1966 Dodge Dart GT 273

The 235-horsepower 273 option returned for the 1966 Dart Dart GT 273. Interior appointments included a new optional center console. During ’66, Chrysler introduced a specially modified 273 V-8 as a limited-production option for the Dart. At 275 horsepower, it was one of the few engines of the period to pass the magical one-horsepower-per-cubic-inch threshold.


1966 Dodge Dart GT
MoPar’s four-barrel 273-cid V-8 gave the 1966 Dodge Dart GT a nice kick.


Called the D package, after the D/Stock racing class for which it was tailored, its heart was a 273 that used a radical Camcraft camshaft, solid lifters, special 700cfm Holley 4160 four-barrel carburetor, and free-flow tubular exhaust headers by Doug of California. A full-breathing intake manifold that incorporated a special low-restriction air cleaner also were D items.

A four-speed manual transmission with Weber clutch, and a Sure-Grip 83/4-inch rear with a heavy duty 4.86:1 axle ratio also were part of the D package. A heavy-duty suspension and 6.94ยด14 tires rounded out the menu on cars that came to be called the D/Dart. Owners of ordinary Darts were advised that they could contact Chrysler’s Parts Division to convert to D spec.

Dodge called the D/Dart a “regular production line” car, but cautioned that “Due to the expected use of these vehicles, no warranty coverage applies.” Darts at this time also were campaigned in road racing and rallies. Weighing just 2946 pounds, the D/Dart was a contender in not only drag competition, but in a host of other events.

Priced well under $3000, a 273 Dart GT of this period was a great buy, and just might be worthy of a little cult of its own.

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