1967-1969 Plymouth Barracuda 383/440

1968 Plymouth Barracuda 383/440

Except for grille and trim alterations, the 1968 Barracuda was largely a stylistic rehash. But there were important changes under the hood. The 273 V-8s were dropped in favor of the 230-horsepower 318 as the base V-8. The Formula S package was extended to the hardtop and convertible models and now it could be had with MoPar’s frisky 275-horsepower 340-cube four-barrel.

1968 Plymouth Barracuda 383
MoPar’s fine 340-cid four-barrel was new to the 1968 Plymouth Barracuda 383
Formula S. A good one would turn the quarter in the high 15s.

The Formula S 383, meanwhile, got a boost to 300 horsepower, courtesy of new cylinder heads and a new intake manifold. It did not, however, get a power-steering option. Both Formula S V-8s were mated with a standard four-speed or an optional automatic. A 3.23:1 rear axle was standard with both this year, but the four-speed also could be fitted with a 3.55:1 or 3:91:1 gear and the automatic with a 3.55:1. Suspension upgrades were tailored to each engine and, combined with wider E70×14 tires, helped improve handling.

Fastest of all were the limited-edition Super Stock Hemi Barracudas, which were built under contract by Hurst Performance. Sold through Plymouth dealers for sanctioned drag racing only, these were 10-second, 130-mph quarter-mile machines. Barracuda sales slipped this year, with only 45,412 coming off the line; ragtop production was down by nearly 40 percent, to 2840.

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