1971-1974 AMC Javelin AMX 401

1973 AMC Javelin AMX 401

The 1973 Javelin AMX was mostly a carryover, with the exception of new taillights and backup lights. The 401 kept its 255-horsepower rating and nearly identical choice of powertrains -- a standard four-speed or optional Torque Command automatic transmission.

Straight-line performance took a beating. Motor Trend saw a mediocre 15.5 at 90 mph in the quarter with a 401.

But for evidence of how manufacturers were de-emphasizing all-out go, you had to look no further than an AMC advertisement for the ’73 Javelin AMX. It touted the car’s continued Trans Am success, but absent was the excited rundown of horsepower, transmissions, and drag-strip-axle ratios that had spiced up earlier ads. Instead, the copy talked about the room in the back seat, “the nice balance of performance and comfort,” and AMC’s warranty plan. There even was a tag line that read “Buckle up for safety.”

Evidently this kind of appeal worked, for Javelin AMX sales jumped a dramatic ’73 percent in 1973, to an all-time high of 4737. That was nearly 18 percent of Javelin production.

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